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Jet Fuel QC is a turn-key quality control web application for the commercial aviation industry that meets ATA 103 specification. It automates your record keeping and enables real-time access to your quality control activities and operational readiness.

User Interface - Five different levels of users from fueler to management have a tailored interface with key performance indicators specific to their tasks and performance.

Inspection Logic - Inspection algorithms create transparency in inspection record and ensure continuity in all discrepancy documentation. 

Compliance Sentry - Monitors fueling operation and sends automated daily email alerts to maintenance and leadership on what inspections are not complete. Inspection non-compliance events are delivered in real time to all stakeholders.

Alert System - Equipment inspection discrepancies and analytics are delivered in real-time emails to maintenance and leadership. Critical quality control events are delivered to all stakeholders in real-time.

Flash Audit - Audit feature enables airlines and fuel vendors to create and deploy audits into operations and view results in real-time.

Our fully integrated mobile app keeps you connected to your operation anywhere in the world. Documenting inspections, performing repairs, even conducting audits can be done on any mobile device.

Jet Fuel QC is built for the world today, and takes the industry forward into tomorrow.

To learn more about the Jet Fuel QC service, including scheduling a demo or pricing information or to purchase, please visit our contact page and send us an email or give us a phone call.


The future of fueling

Jet Fuel QC is a new vision of the quality control world. Transparency and awareness are taken to a new level, creating an environment where the integrity of the record keeping is easily maintained. This drastically reduces risk to airlines and their fuel vendors. Jet Fuel QC enables you to begin working in new ways to manage your operation’s quality control. The lost time and money spent reviewing records, transcribing results, and correcting documents is now gained back, enabling you to increase productivity and your bottom-line.

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